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Accurate Machine & Tool

Also Known As: Accurate Machine & Tool
State: New Mexico
Location: Albuquerque
Time Period: 1987-2002
Facility Type: Beryllium Vendor
Facility Description: Accurate Machine & Tool provides machine shop services to Sandia National Laboratory, California. This work has included the use of beryllium-copper materials.
Accurate Machine & Tool is listed as a Beryllium Vendor (BE) under the EEOICPA.
Telephone contact with current company officials provided the following information: (1) Provided machine shop services on beryllium copper materials from 1985-2002 in an existing building (still used as a machine shop) at the current address of the company; (2) there is a difference in start date (1985 vs. 1987), and there possibly was AEC/DOE beryllium contract work conducted in the 1960-70s in a different location on Yale Boulevard; (3) beryllium work was only conducted for AEC/DOE and was not conducted in any special work area; and (4) no specific decontamination for beryllium took place after the contracts were terminated.
Sources of information reviewed during this evaluation included the DOE ES&H Website, documentation provided by the DOE ES&H group consisting of written communications by or for the DOE, and telephone contact with current company officials.
Documentation reviewed indicates there is a potential for significant residual beryllium contamination outside the periods in which weapons-related production occurred.

Accurate Machine & Tool Workers:
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