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Armour Fertilizer Works

Also Known As: U.S. Agri-Chemicals Pilot Facility, U.S. Steel Corp.
State: Florida
Location: Bartow
Time Period: 1951-1955
Facility Type: Atomic Weapons Employer
Facility Description: Under contract with the AEC, Armour operated a pilot plant which produced uranium from phosphoric acid.
As of 03/08/2015, the total compensation paid under Part B of the EEOICPA, including medical compensation, for workers suffering from the effects of having worked at Armour Fertilizer Works is $450.
Armour Fertilizer Works Workers:
If you or your parent worked at this or any other AWE facility and became ill, you may be entitled to compensation of up to $150K plus medical benefits from the US Department of Labor. Call EEOICPA Counsel Hugh Stephens at 1-855-EEOICPA (336-4272) or fill out the form to the right, whether or not you have filed a claim and even if it has already been accepted or denied.
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*Site Function:
This facility was a small pilot plant used for research and development of uranium recovery by organic solvent extraction from phosphoric acid. It was operated under Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) contracts AT(30-7)-1391, AT(30-1).1404, and AT(49-6)-915 from 1951 to1955. According to plant personnel, the facility produced only gram quantities of
uranium. In 1959, the company name changed from Armour Feritilizer Works to Armour Agricultural Chemical Company and later toU.S. Agri-Chemicals, Inc. It eventually became USS Agri-Chemicals, a division of the U.S. Steel Corporation. The building is currently used as a field office for the plant’s diammonium phosphate loading area.
Site Description:
The Plant is located about 1 mile west of Bartow, Florida, on State Highway 60 (Figure 1).