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State: Illinois
Location: Chicago
Time Period: 1944
Facility Type: Atomic Weapons Employer
Facility Description: For a six month period in 1944, C-B Tool Products Company had a subcontract with the University of Chicago to provide personnel, facilities, and equipment to produce special machining of parts for special equipment, tools, jigs, and fixtures to the Met Lab from materials provided by the University of Chicago. It is unclear whether the company handled radioactive materials.
*Site Function:
During the period from June 1944 through December 1944, C-B Tool Products Company entered into a subcontract with the University of Chicago for services and supplies to the Metallurgical Laboratory (an MED contractor). Under the terms of the subcontract, C-B Tool Products provided personnel, facilities, and equipment to produce special machining of parts for special equipment, tools, jigs, and fixtures from materials furnished by the University. This subcontract was one of several placed by the university with similar companies in the Chicago area. The subcontract had a maximum obligation of $10,000. No documents have been found which describe the specific tasks or work accomplished by C-B Tool Products. In addition, there are no records to specifically indicate whether radioactive material (uranium) was handled at the facility.
Site Description:
The location of the site is on the University of Chicago Campus. Ingleside Hall is currently located at this address, which houses the University of Chicago’s Office of Employment and a U.S. Post Office. The current building is west of the intersection of Ellis Avenue and 58th Street, where 58th street dead-ends into the west side of the University Hospital area.
Contacts made with the University did not indicate that the current building had been used for machining or housed the C-B Tool Product Company. In the 194Os, a building at this address was moved as part of the renovation of the Hospital area. There is a possibility that the machining could have been performed in the old warehouse-type buildings, located behind the 956 East58th Street address. However, these buildings have been demolished.
The University of Chicago has been the sole owner of the site from the time the work was conducted to the present.
There is no available documentation to support or substantiate that radioactive materials were handled or involved at any time. Additionally, the building that may have served as the location for machining or tool development was demolished in the 1940s.
C-B Tool Products Co. is listed as an Atomic Weapons Employer (AWE) site under the EEOICPA.
C-B Tool Products Co. Workers:
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