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State: Ohio
Location: Cincinnati
Time Period: 1954
Facility Type: Atomic Weapons Employer

Facility Description: In 1954, Mitchell Steel Company may have participated in the machining of a sample lot of four hollow extrusion uranium billets from ingots for National Lead of Ohio (Fernald). It is unclear whether Mitchell conducted the test or performed any addition work for NLO or the AEC.

This facility reportedly performed a machining test on 4 uranium billets, and there is no documentation to demonstrate further work was performed. The 1954 National Lead Company of Ohio document” Request for a Subcontract to Produce Hollow Extrusion Billets on a Lump Sum Basis” which identifies Mitchell Steel Company andfour other companies suggests that the Magnus Brass ManufacturingCompany of Cincinnati was the contractor selected to continue this work.

Due to the limited amount of work performed at this facility, machining of four billets, the potential for significant residual radioactivity outside of the period of weapons related work is considered low.

Mitchell Steel Co. is listed as an Atomic Weapons Employer (AWE) site under the EEOICPA.

Mitchell Steel Co. Workers:
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