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This page will serve as our central repository for all primary source documents concerning the EEOICPA, as well as quick links to other useful information concerning the Act on this site. The documents are organized into five categories.Please use the links below to directly access desired resources.


The Act, Procedures, and Decisions:

The Act (42 U.S.C. § 7384 et seq.)
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
Procedure Manual **
Bulletins *
Circulars *
Final Decisions of the Final Adjudication Branch (FAB) *
Very large (16.4MB, 3123 page) document containing all of the above, in the above order *

* Current as of February, 2015 (02/15)

** Current as of August, 2013 (08/13)


DEEOIC and Special Exposure Cohort Sites:

Complete list of facilities covered by the EEOICPA with links to pages for each facility (html)
Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Facility List (pdf)
List of Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) sites, also separated into Atomic Weapons Employer (AWE), Department of Energy (DOE), and Beryllium Employer (BE) categories
U.S. Department of Labor Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) brochure

Dose Reconstruction:

External Dose Reconstruction Implementation Guideline (OCAS)
External Dose Reconstruction Implementation Guideline Presentation (OCAS) -Report from the Procedures Review Subcommittee Presented to the ABRWH Full Board Meeting Augusta, Georgia March 12, 2013
Dose Reconstruction Process Overview (presentation slides)
Dose Reconstruction Examples (presentation slides)
Objection Letter with Exhibits

DEEOIC Claims Forms:

EE-1 – Employee’s Claim form
EE-2 – Survivor’s Claim Form
EE-3 – Employment History
EE-4 – Employment History Affadavit
EE-7 – Medical requirements
EE-8 – Smoking History Request Form
EE/EN-9 – Racial/Ethnic Identification
EE-10 – Claim for Additional Wage-Loss and/or Impairment Benefits
EE-11a – Impairment Benefits Response Form
EE-11b – Wage-Loss Benefits Response Form
EE/EN-12 – Medical Benefits Eligibility Questionnaire
EE/EN-16 – Tort suits against Beryllium Vendors, Third Party Settlements, State Workers’ Compensation, and Fraud Questionnaire
OCAS-1 Claimant Statement that NIOSH has been provided with All Information That Claimant Possesses
OWCP-1500 – Physician/Provider Billing Form
OWCP-915 – Reimbursement for out-of-pocket medical expenses
OWCP-04 – Uniform Billing Form for Medical Services
OWCP-957 – Medical Travel Refund Request

Other Documents:

Breast Impairment Letter – Procedure Manual Chapter 2-1300 Exhibit 2
Breast Cancer – Letter to Physician