EEOICPA: SEC Sites by State

The CDC/NIOSH SEC FAQ describes the Special Exposure Cohort in this way:

The Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) is a uniquely defined category of employees established under The Act. The SEC is comprised of classes of employees who have at least one of the 22 SEC cancers and have worked for a specific period of time at one of the SEC Work Sites

Claims compensated under the SEC do not have to go through the dose reconstruction process, as is required for other cancer claims covered by The Act. 

The Act also allows for additional groups of employees (called classes of employees) to be added to the SEC. Classes of employees and work sites can be considered for addition to the SEC through a petition process run by NIOSH.

SEC Rule

The SEC Rule describes the procedures used to add a class of employees to the SEC:

Procedures for Designating Classes of Employees as Members of the SEC (42 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 83)

The list below consists of nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities covered by the EEOICPA which have classes of Employees that fall under Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) designation, organized by State:







Marshall Islands

  • Pacific Proving Grounds, 1946-1962 (DOE) (Marshall Islands, Marshall Islands) (incl. Bikini Atoll, Enewetak Atoll, Johnston Island (nuclear weapons testing activities only), and Christmas Island (U. S. nuclear weapons testing activities only))






New Jersey

New Mexico

New York




South Carolina




NOTE: The following sites have SEC class petitions that have qualified for evaluation and are currently active in the SEC petitioning process*:
  • Area IV of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (Santa Susana, Area IV, California) (a/k/a Atomics International; Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC); Liquid Metal Engineering Center (LMEC); Nuclear Development Field Laboratory (NDFL))
  • Bliss & Laughlin Steel (Buffalo, New York) (a/k/a Niagara Cold Drawn)
  • Carborundum Corporation (Niagara Falls, New York)
  • Chapman Valve (Indian Orchard, Massachusetts) (a/k/a Chapman Valve Manufacturing Co.; Crane Co.)
  • General Steel Industries (GSI) (Granite City, Illinois) (a/k/a Old Betatron Building; General Steel Castings; Granite City Steel; National Steel Company)
  • Hangar 481 (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  • United Nuclear Corp. (Hematite, Missouri) (a/k/a Mallinckrodt Chemical Works – Chemicals Div.)
  • Weldon Spring Plant (Weldon Spring, Missouri) (a/k/a Mallinckrodt; Weldon Spring Chemical Co.; Weldon Spring Site Remedial Action Project (WSSRAP); WSS)
* This information may be outdated. For current information about SEC sites and classes, see the NIOSH website.

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