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EEOICPA and RECA Claim Assistance


EEOICPA Claims Assistance

Have you, your parent, grandparent or friend become ill after working at a facility which manufactured, tested or processed uranium or other radioactive materials used in atomic weapons?
The United States government has determined that certain workers who worked in the atomic weapons industry were exposed to unsafe levels of radiation and that their exposure has caused them to be stricken with cancer and other illnesses.
In 2000, the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) was passed by Congress to provide compensation and medical benefits to eligible workers who worked in atomic weapons programs. Certain survivors of these employees are also eligible for benefits.
This is not a lawsuit but a special type of federal workers compensation provided by the government through the Department of Labor.
For a free EEOICPA claim evaluation to determine your eligibility to receive compensation, please call EEOICPA Attorney Hugh Stephens at Stephens & Stephens, LLP at 1 (855) 336-4272, or email or
An introduction to the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) by Hugh can be seen below:

The Department of Labor also issues a medical treatment card to all qualifying Employees that covers all treatment arising out of the covered condition and provides benefits that far exceed those offered by Medicare. These include 24 hour nursing care that allows certain workers to avoid nursing homes and live at home even after they become ill.
The attorneys at Stephens & Stephens, LLP have handled hundreds of these EEOICPA claims from across the country and can assist you as you work through the claims filing process.
We are also available to assist with Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) claims. More information about RECA, passeed in 1990 upon a Congressional finding that the United States should recognize and assume responsibility for the harm done to individuals who developed certain cancers and other diseases following employment in the uranium industry or following exposure to radiation released during atmospheric nuclear tests, can be found below the following EEOICPA Facility List.
Below is a complete list of the facilities covered by the program, organized by state. The name of each facility links to a page describing that site in more detail. Facilities with Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) classes appear in bold.These classes describe atomic weapons manufacturing facilities where, for one reason or another, it is not possible to determine Workers’ exposures to radiation through the Dose Reconstruction process. These facilities, therefore, have been assigned SEC classes for periods of time when they were operational but lacking complete documentation of working conditions. Workers who, after working at a Special Exposure Cohort facility, later contracted one of 22 radiogenic cancers including: lung, bone, kidney, breast, colon, and leukemia, are entitled to $150,000 and can also qualify for an additional $250,000 from the program which is operated by the United States Department of Labor.
Whether you or a family member worked on Long Island at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), in Washington State on the Hanford reservation, in Colorado at the Rocky Flats facility, at the Iowa National Laboratory (INL), at the Nevada Test Site, or in Buffalo, New York at the Bethlehem Steel plant, Stephens & Stephens can assist you with your claim.
While there is no filing deadline, the legislation is re-authorized every fiscal year and is vulnerable to budget cuts. Certain benefits are forfeited if the claim is not processed prior to the worker’s death and the claim process can be time-consuming. Historic medical and employment evidence can be difficult to obtain as medical providers and employers destroy old records. So don’t wait.
If you or a loved one became ill after working at a nuclear facility, even if that loved one died years ago, call the attorneys at Stephens & Stephens, LLP right now.
Counsel fees are regulated by statute and the fees associated with an initial claim are limited to 2% of the lump sum compensation received by the worker or surviving family member. No counsel fees are payable except out of the compensation paid to the claimant by the Department of Labor.

Complete List of Facilities Covered by the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA)

Southern Research Institute, Birmingham, AL [AWE]
Speedring, Inc., Cullman, AL [BE]
Tennessee Valley Authority, Muscle shoals, AL [AWE]
Amchitka Island Nuclear Explosion Site, Amchitka Island, AK, SEC dates: 1974 and earlier[DOE]
Project Chariot Site, Cape thompson, AK [DOE]
Ore Buying Station at Globe, AZ, Globe, AZ [DOE]
Uranium Mill in Monument Valley, Monument Valley, AZ [DOE]
Uranium Mill in Tuba City, Monument Valley, AZ [DOE]
Area IV of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Santa Susana, CA, SEC dates: 1955-1964
C.L. Hann Industries, San Jose, CA [BE]
California Research Corp., Richmond, CA [AWE]
Canoga Avenue Facility, 1955-1960, Los Angeles County, CA
Ceradyne, Inc.(Costa Mesa), Costa Mesa, CA [BE]
Ceradyne, Inc. (Santa Ana), Santa Ana, CA [BE]
City Tool & Die Manufacturing, Santa Clara, CA [BE]
Downey Facility, Los Angeles County, CA, SEC datres: 1948-1955[DOE]
De Soto Avenue Facility, Los Angeles County, CA, SEC dates: 1959-1964[DOE]
Dow Chemical Co., Pittsburgh, CA [AWE]
EDM Exotics, Hayward, CA [BE]
Electro Circuits, Inc., Pasadena, CA [AWE]
Electrofusion Corporation, Fremont, CA [BE]
General Atomics, La Jolla, CA, SEC dates: 1960-1969 [AWE, BE, DOE]
General Electric Vallecitos, Pleasanton, CA [AWE, DOE]
Hafer Tool, Oakland, CA [BE]
Hexcel Products, Inc., Berkeley, CA [BE]
High Energy Rate Forging (HERF) Facility, Oxnard, CA [DOE]
Hunter Douglas Aluminum Corp. [AWE]
Jerry Carroll Machining, Inc., San Carlos, CA [BE]
Laboratory for Energy-Related Health Research, Davis, CA [DOE]
Laboratory of Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, San Francisco, CA [DOE]
Laboratory of Radiobiology and Environmental Health, San Francisco, CA [DOE]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, SEC dates: 1942-1961
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, SEC dates: 1950-1973
Lebow, Goleta, CA [BE]
Philco-Ford Corporation, Newport Beach, CA [BE]
Pleasanton Tool and Manufacturing, Pleasanton, CA [BE]
Poltech Precision, Fremont, CA [BE]
Precision Extrusion Co., Fremont, CA [BE]
Robin Materials, Mountain View, CA [BE]
Ron Witherspoon, Inc., Campbell, CA [BE]
Sandia Laboratory, Salton Sea Base, Imperial County, CA [DOE]
Sandia National Laboratories–Livermore, Livermore, CA [DOE]
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Palo Alto, CA [DOE]
Stauffer Metals, Inc., Richmond, CA [AWE]
Tapemation, Scotts Valley, CA [BE]
Climax Uranium Mill in Grand Junction, Grand Junction, CO [DOE]
Coors Porcelain, Golden, CO [BE]
Grand Junction Operations Office, Grand Junction, CO, SEC dates:, 1943-1975[DOE]
Green Sludge Plant in Uravan, Uravan, CO [DOE]
New Uranium Mill in Rifle, Rifle, CO [DOE]
Old Uranium Mill in Rifle, Rifle, CO [DOE]
Project Rio Blanco Nuclear Explosion Site, Rifle, CO [DOE]
Project Rulison Nuclear Explosion Site, Grand Valley, CO [DOE]
Rocky Flats Plant, Golden, CO, SEC dates: 1952-1983[DOE]
Shattuck Chemical, Denver, CO [AWE]
University of Denver Research Institute, Denver, CO [AWE, BE]
Uranium Mill in Durango, Durango, CO [DOE]
Uranium Mill in Gunnison, Gunnison County, CO [DOE]
Uranium Mill in Maybell, Maybell,m CO [DOE]
Uranium Mill in Naturita, Naturita, CO [DOE]
Uranium Mill No. 1 in Slick Rock (East), Slick Rock, CO [DOE]
Uranium Mill No. 2 in Slick Rock (West), Slick Rock, CO [DOE]
American Chain and Cable Co., Bridgeport, CT [AWE]
Bridgeport Brass Co., Havens Laboratory, Bridgeport, CT [AWE]
Combustion Engineering, Windsor, CT, SEC dates: 1965-1972[AWE]
Connecticut Aircraft Nuclear Engine Laboratory (CANEL), Middletown, CT, SEC dates: 1958-1965
Dorr Corp., Stamford, CT [AWE]
Fenn Machinery Co., Hartford, CT [AWE]
Machlett Laboratories, Springdale, CT [BE]
New England Lime Co., Canaan, CT [AWE]
Seymour Specialty Wire, Seymour, CT [AWE, DOE]
Sperry Products, Inc., Danbury, CT [AWE]
Torrington Co., Torrington, CT [AWE]
American Beryllium Co., Sarasota, FL [BE]
Gardinier, Inc., Tampa, FL [AWE]
International Minerals and Chemical Corp., Mulberry, FL [AWE]
Pinellas Plant, Clearwater, FL [DOE]
University of Florida, Gainsville, FL [AWE]
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corp, Nichols, FL [AWE]
W.R. Grace Co., Agricultural Chemical Div. (Florida), Ridgewood, FL [AWE]
Kauai Test Facility, Kauai, HI [DOE]
Argonne National Laboratory–West, SEC dates: 1951-1957 (DOE)(Scoville, Idaho)
Idaho National Laboratory, Scoville, ID, SEC dates: 1970-1974 [DOE]
Northwest Machining and Manufacturing, Meridian, ID [BE]
Uranium Mill in Lowman, Lowman, ID [DOE]
Allied Chemical and Dye Corp., Metropolis, IL, SEC dates:1959-1976[AWE]
Allied Chemical Corp. Plant [AWE]
Blockson Chemical Company, Joliet, IL, SEC dates: 1951-1960
C-B Tool Products Co., Chicago, IL [AWE]
Crane Co., Chicago, IL [AWE]
Dow Chemical Company, Madison, IL, SEC dates: 1957-1960
ERA Tool and Engineering Co., Chicago, IL [AWE]
Fansteel Metallurgical Corp., North Chicago, IL [BE]
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL [DOE]
General Steel Industries, Granite City, IL [AWE, DOE]
Great Lakes Carbon Corp., Chicago, IL [AWE]
GSA 39th Street Warehouse, Chicago, IL [AWE]
International Register, Chicago, IL [AWE
Kaiser Aluminum Corp., Dalton, IL [AWE]
Lindsay Light and Chemical Co., W. Chicago, IL [AWE]
Metallurgical Laboratory, Chicago, IL, SEC dates: 1942-1946[AWE, BE, DOE]
Midwest Manufacturing Co., Galesburg, IL [AWE]
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL [AWE]
National Guard Armory, Chicago, IL [AWE, DOE]
Podbeliniac Corp., Chicago, IL [AWE]
Quality Hardware and Machine Co., Chicago, IL [AWE]
R. Krasburg and Sons Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL [AWE]
Sciaky Brothers, Inc., Chicago, IL [AWE]
Swenson Evaporator Co., Harvey, IL [AWE]
W.E. Pratt Manufacturing Co., Joliet, IL [AWE]
Wyckoff Drawn Steel Co., Chicago, IL [AWE]
American Bearing Corp., Indianapolis, IN [AWE]
Dana Heavy Water Plant, Dana, IN [DOE]
General Electric Plant (Indiana), Shelbyville, IN [AWE]
Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Co., Ft. Wayne, IN [AWE]
Purdue University, Lafayette, IN [AWE]
Ames Laboratory, Ames, IA, SEC dates:1942-1970
Bendix Aviation (Pioneer Division), Davenport, IA [AWE]
Iowa Ordnance Plant, Burlington, IA, SEC dates: 1948-1974
Titus Metals, Watrloo, IA [AWE]
Spencer Chemical Co., Jayhawks Works, Pittsburgh, KS, SEC dates: 1956-1961[AWE]
Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Padukah, KY, SEC dates: before February 1, 1992
Ethyl Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA [BE]
Marshall Islands
Pacific Proving Grounds, Marshall Islands, SEC dates: 1946-1962[DOE
W.R. Grace and Company, Curtis Bay, MD, SEC dates: 1956-1958[AWE]
C.G. Sargent & Sons, Graniteville, MA [AWE]
Chapman Valve, Indian Orchard, MA [AWE,DOE]
Edgerton Germeshausen & Grier, Inc., Boston, MA [AWE]
Fenwal, Inc., Ashland, MA [AWE]
Franklin Institute, Boston, MA [BE]
Heald Machine Co., Worcester, MA [AWE]
Hood Building, Cambridge, MA, SEC dates: , 1946-1963[DOE]
La Pointe Machine and Tool Co., Hudson, MA [AWE]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Hood Building only, Cambridge, MA, SEC dates: 1946-1963[AWE, BE]
Metals and Controls Corp., Attleboro, MA, SEC dates: 1952-1967[AWE]
National Research Corp., Cambridge, MA [AWE]
Norton Co., Worcester, MA, SEC dates: 1945-1962
Nuclear Metals, Inc., West Concord, MA, SEC dates: 1958-1979
Reed Rolled Thread Co., Worcester, MA [AWE]
Shpack Landfill, Norton, MA [AWE]
Ventron Corporation, Beverly, MA, SEC dates: 1942-1948[AWE, DOE]
Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center, Winchester, MA, SEC dates: 1952-1961[DOE]
Woburn Landfill, Woburn, MA [AWE]
Wyman Gordon Inc., Grafton, North Grafton, MA [BE]
AC Spark Plug, Flint, MI [AWE,BE]
Adrian Facility Adrian, MI [DOE]
Baker-Perkins Co., Saginaw, MI [AWE]
Brush Beryllium Co. (Detroit), Detroit, MI [AWE, BE]
Carboloy Co., Detroit, MI [AWE]
Extruded Metals Co., Grand Rapids, MI [AWE]
Gerity-Michigan Corp., Adrian, MI [BE]
Mitts & Merrel Co., Saginaw, MI [AWE]
Oliver Corp.<, Battle Creek, MI/a> [AWE]
Revere Copper and Brass, Detroit, MI, SEC dates: 1943-1954
Speedring Systems, Inc., Detroit, MI [BE]
Star Cutter Corp., Farmington, MI [AWE]
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI [AWE]
Wolverine Tube Division, Detroit, MI [AWE, BE]
Elk River Reactor, Elk River, MN [DOE]
Salmon Nuclear Explosion Site, Hattiesburg, MS [DOE]
Kansas City Plant, Kansas City, MO [DOE]
Latty Avenue Properties, Hazelwood, MO [AWE, DOE]
Mallinckrodt Chemical Company, Destrehan Street Plant, St. Louis, MO, SEC dates: 1942-1958[DOE]
Medart Co., St. Louis, MO [AWE]
Roger Iron Co., Joplin, MO [AWE]
St. Louis Airport Storage Site (SLAPS), St. Louis, MO, SEC dates:1947-1971[DOE]
Tyson Valley Powder Farm, St. Louis, MO, dates: 1946-1948
United Nuclear Corp., Hematite, MO [AWE]
Weldon Spring Plant, Weldon Spring, MO [DOE]
Weldon Spring Quarry, Weldon Spring, MO [DOE]
Weldon Spring Raffinate Pits, Weldon Spring, MO [DOE]
Hallam Sodium Graphite Reactor, Hallam, NE [DOE]
Nevada Site Office, North Las Vegas, NV [DOE]
Nevada Test Site (NTS), Mercury, NV, SEC dates: 1951-1992[DOE]
Project Faultless Nuclear Explosion Site, Central Nevada Test Site, Hot Creek Valley, Nye County, NV [DOE]
Project Shoal Nuclear Explosion Site, Fallon, NV [DOE]
Tonopah Test Range, Tonopah, NV [DOE]
Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project, Yucca Mountain, NV [DOE]
New Jersey
Aluminum Co. of America (Alcoa) (New Jersey), Garwood, NJ [AWE]
Baker and Company, Newark, NJ [AWE]
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ [AWE]
Bloomfield Tool Co., Bloomfield, NJ [AWE]
Bowen Engineering, Inc., North Branch, NJ [AWE]
Callite Tungsten Co., Union City, NJ [AWE]
Chemical Construction Co., Linden, NJ [AWE]
Du Pont Deepwater Works, Deepwater, NJ [AWE, DOE]
International Nickel Co., Bayonne Laboratories, Bayonne, NJ [AWE]
J.T. Baker Chemical Co., Phillipsburg, NJ [AWE]
Kellex/Pierpont, Jersey City, NJ, SEC dates:1943-1953 [AWE, DOE]
Maywood Chemical Works, Maywood, NJ [AWE]
Middlesex Municipal Landfill, Middlesex, NJ [AWE, DOE]
Middlesex Sampling Plant, Middlesex, NJ [DOE]
National Beryllia, Haskell, NJ [BE]
New Brunswick Laboratory, New Brunswick, NJ [DOE]
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton, NJ [DOE]
Rare Earths/W.R. Grace, Wayne, NJ [AWE, DOE]
Standard Oil Development Co. of NJ, Linden, NJ, SEC dates: 1942-1945[AWE]
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ [BE]
Tube Reducing Co., Wallington, NJ [AWE]
U.S. Pipe and Foundry, Burlington, NJ [BE]
Westinghouse Electric Corp. (New Jersey), Bloomfield, NJ, SEC dates: 1942-1949
Vitro Corp. of America (New Jersey), West Orange, NJ [AWE]
Wykoff Steel Co., Newark, NJ [AWE]
New Mexico
Accurate Machine & Tool, Albuquerque, NM [BE]
Albuquerque Operations Office, Albuquerque, NM [DOE]
Chupadera Mesa, Chupadera Mesa, NM [DOE]
Hangar 481, Albuquerque, NM [DOE]
Kirtland Operations Office, Albuquerque, NM [DOE]
Los Alamos Medical Center,m Los Alamos, NM [DOE]
Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Los Alamos, NM, SEC dates: 1943-1975
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, Albuquerque, NM [DOE]
Ore Buying Station at Grants, NM, Grants, NM [DOE]
Ore Buying Station at Shiprock, Shiprock, NM [DOE]
Project Gasbuggy Nuclear Explosion Site, Farmington, NM [DOE]
Project Gnome Nuclear Explosion Site Explosion Site, Gnome, NM [DOE]
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, SEC dates: 1949-1994[DOE]
South Albuquerque Works, Albuquerque, NM [DOE]
Trinity Nuclear Explosion Site, White Sands Missile Range, NM [DOE]
Uranium Mill at Shiprock, Shiprock, NM [DOE]
Uranium Mill in Ambrosia Lake, Ambrosia Lake, NM [DOE]
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Carlsbad, NM [DOE]
New York
Allegheny-Ludlum Steel, Watervliet, NY [AWE]
Baker and Williams Warehouses, NewYork, NY [AWE]
Bethlehem Steel Company, Lackawanna, NY, SEC dates: 1949-1952
Bliss & Laughlin Steel, Buffalo, NY [AWE]
Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY, SEC dates: 1947-1993
Burns & Roe, Inc., Maspeth, NY [BE]
Carborundum Company, Niagara Falls, NY [AWE]
Colonie Interim Storage Site (National Lead Co.), Colonie (Albany), NY [AWE, DOE]
Crucible Steel Co., Syracuse, NY [AWE]
Electro Metallurgical, Niagara Falls, NY, SEC dates: 1942-1947[DOE]
Environmental Measurements Laboratory, New York, NY [DOE]
Fairchild Hiller Corporation, Farmingdale (Long Island), NY [BE]
General Astrometals, Yonkers, NY [BE]
Hooker Electrochemical, Niagara Falls, NY [AWE]
International Rare Metals Refinery, Inc., Mt. Kisco, NY [AWE]
Ithaca Gun Co., Ithaca, NY [AWE]
Lake Ontario Ordnance Works (LOOW), Niagara Falls, NY, SEC dates: 1944-1953
Linde Air Products, Buffalo, NY [AWE]
Linde Ceramics Plant, Tonawanda, NY, SEC dates:1942-1969
New York University, New York, NY [AWE]
Peek Street Facility, [DOE]
Radium Chemical Co., New York, NY [AWE, BE]
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY [BE]
Sacandaga Facility, Glenville, NY [DOE]
SAM Laboratories, Columbia University, New York City, NY, SEC dates: 1942-1947[DOE]
Seaway Industrial Park, Tonawanda, NY [AWE]
Separations Process Research Unit (at Knolls Lab), Schenectady, NY [DOE]
Simonds Saw and Steel Co., Lockport, NY, SEC dates: 1948-1957[AWE]
Staten Island Warehouse, New York, NY [AWE]
Sylvania Corning Nuclear Corp. – Bayside Laboratories, Bayside, NY [AWE, BE]
Sylvania Corning Nuclear Corp. – Hicksville Plant, Hicksville, NY [AWE]
Titanium Alloys Manufacturing, Niagara Falls, NY [AWE]
Trudeau Foundation, Saranac Lake, NY [BE]
University of Rochester Atomic Energy Project, Rochester, NY, SEC dates: 1943-1971
Utica St. Warehouse, Buffalo, NY [AWE]
West Valley Demonstration Project, West Valley, NY [AWE, DOE]
Wolff-Alport Chemical Corp., Brooklyn, NY [AWE]
North Carolina
Beryllium Metals and Chemical Corp., Bessemer City, NC [BE]
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC [BE]
Ajax Magnethermic Corp., Youngstown, OH [AWE]
Alba Craft, Oxford, OH [AWE,DOE]
B & T Metals, Columbus, OH [AWE, DOE]
Baker Brothers, Toledo, OH [AWE, DOE]
Battelle Laboratories – King Avenue, Columbus, OH [AWE, BE, DOE]
Battelle Laboratories – West Jefferson, Col.umbus, OH [AWE, DOE]
Beryllium Production Plant (Brush Luckey Plant), Luckey, OH [BE, DOE]
Brush Beryllium Co. (Cleveland), Cleveland, OH [AWE, BE]
Brush Beryllium Co. (Elmore), Elmore, OH [BE]
Brush Beryllium Co. (Lorain), Lorain, OH [BE]
Cincinnati Milling Machine Co., Cincinnati, OH [AWE]
Clifton Products Co., Painesville, OH [BE]
Copperweld Steel, Warren, OH [AWE]
Du Pont-Grasselli Research Laboratory, Cleveland, OH [AWE]
Extrusion Plant (Reactive Metals Inc.), Ashtabula, OH [DOE]
Feed Materials Production Center (FMPC), Fernald, OH, SEC dates: 1951-1983
General Electric Co., Evendale, OH, SEC dates: 1961-1970
Gruen Watch, Norwood, OH [AWE]
Harshaw Chemical Company, 1942-1949, Cleveland, OH[AWE]
Herring-Hall Marvin Safe Co. [AWE, DOE]
Horizons, Inc., Cleveland, OH, SEC dates:1952-1956
Kettering Laboratory, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH [BE]
R. W. Leblond Machine Tool Co., Cincinnati, OH [AWE]
Magnus Brass Co., Cincinnati, OH [AWE]
McKinney Tool and Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, OH [AWE]
Mitchell Steel Co., Cincinnati, OH [AWE]
Monsanto Chemical Company, 1943-1949, Dayton
Mound Plant, Miamisburg/Dayton, OH, SEC dates: 1949-1980
Piqua Organic Moderated Reactor Piqua, OH, SEC dates: 1966-1969
Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Piketon, OH, SEC dates: before February 1, 1992 [DOE]
R. W. Leblond Machine Tool Co., Cincinnati, OH [AWE]
Tech-Art, Inc., Milford, OH [AWE]
The Dayton Project, Dayton and Oakwood, OH [DOE]
Tocco Induction Heating Div., Cleveland, OH [AWE]
Vulcan Tool Co., Dayton, OH [AWE]
Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc., Quapaw, OK [BE]
Kerr-McGee, Crescent, OK [AWE]
Albany Research Center, Albany, OR [DOE]
Uranium Mill and Disposal Cell in Lakeview, Lakeview, OR [DOE]
Wah Chang, Albany, OR, SEC dates: 1971-1972[AWE]
Aeroprojects, Inc., West Chester, PA [AWE, BE]
Aliquippa Forge, Aliquippa, PA [AWE, DOE]
Aluminum Co. of America (Alcoa) (Pennsylvania), New Kensington, PA [AWE]
Beryllium Corp. of America (Hazleton), Hazelton, PA [BE]
Beryllium Corp. of America (Reading), Reading, PA [BE]
C.H. Schnorr, Springdale, PA [AWE, DOE]
Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, PA [AWE]
Carpenter Steel Co., Reading, PA [AWE]
Chambersburg Engineering Co., Chambersburg, PA [AWE]
Foote Mineral Co., East Whiteland Twp., PA [AWE, BE]
Heppenstall Co., Pittsburgh, PA [AWE]
Jessop Steel Co., Washington, PA [AWE]
Koppers Co., Inc., Verona, PA [AWE]
Landis Machine Tool Co., Waynesboro, PA [AWE]
McDanel Refractory Co., Beaver Falls, PA [BE]
Nuclear Materials & Equipment Corp. (NUMEC) – Apollo, Apollo, PA, SEC dates: 1957-1983 [AWE, BE]
Nuclear Materials & Equipment Corp. (NUMEC) – Parks Township, Parks Township, PA, SEC dates: 1960-1980 [AWE, BE]
Penn Salt Co., Philadelphia/Wyndmoor, PA [AWE]
Shippingport Atomic Power Plant, Shippingport, PA [DOE]
Superior Steel Co., Carnegie, PA [AWE]
U.S. Steel Co., National Tube Division, McKeesport, PA [AWE]
Vitro Manufacturing – Canonsburg, Canonsburg, PA, SEC dates:1942-1965
Westinghouse Atomic Power Development Plant, East Pittsburgh, PA, SEC dates: 1942-1944 [AWE]
Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels Division, Cheswick, PA [AWE]
Puerto Rico
BONUS Reactor Plant, Punta Higuera, Puerto Rico [DOE]
Puerto Rico Nuclear Center, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico [DOE]
Rhode Island
C.I. Hayes, Inc., Cranston, RI [AWE]
South Carolina
Savannah River Site, Aiken, SC, SEC dates: 1953-1972

South Dakota
Ore Buying Station at Edgemont, Edgemont, SD [DOE]
Clarksville Modification Center (Fort Campbell), Clarksville, TN, SEC dates: 1949-1967
Clinton Engineer Works, Oak Ridge, TN, SEC dates: 1943-1949
Manufacturing Sciences Corporation, Oak Ridge, TN [BE]
Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25 Site), Oak Ridge, TN, SEC datres: before February 1, 1992 [DOE]
Oak Ridge Hospital, Oak Ridge, TN, SEC dates: 1950-1959 [DOE]
Oak Ridge Institute for Science Education (ORISE), Oak Ridge, TN, SEC dates:1950-1956 [DOE]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (X-10), Oak Ridge, TN SEC dates: 1943-1955 [DOE]
S-50 Oak Ridge Thermal Diffusion Plant, Oak Ridge, TN, SEC dates: 1944-1951[DOE]
Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), Oak Ridge, TN [DOE]
Vitro Corporation of America (Tennessee), chattanooga, TN [AWE, BE]
W. R. Grace, Erwin, TN, SEC dates: 1958-1970[AWE]
Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, TN, SEC dates: 1943-1957
The American Manufacturing Company of Texas (AMCOT), Fort Worth, TX [AWE]
Medina Modification Center (formerly Medina Facility), San Antonio, TX, SEC dates: 1958-1966[DOE]
Pantex Plant, Amarillo, TX, SEC dates: 1958-1983[DOE]
Sutton, Steele and Steele Co., Dallas, TX [AWE]
Texas City Chemicals, Inc., Texas City, TX, SEC dates: 1953-1955
Uranium Mill in Falls City, Falls City, TX [DOE]
Ore Buying Station at Marysvale, Matysvale, UT [DOE]
Ore Buying Station at Moab, Moab, UT [DOE]
Ore Buying Station at Monticello, Monticello, UT [DOE]
Ore Buying Station at White Canyon, White Canyon, UT [DOE]
The Mill at Moab Utah, Moab, UT [DOE]
Uranium Mill in Mexican Hat, Mexican Hat, UT [DOE]
Uranium Mill in Monticello, Monticello, UT [DOE]
BWX Technologies, Inc., Lynchburg, VA, SEC dates: 1959, 1968-1972, 1985-94,
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA [DOE]
University of Virginia, Charlotesville, VA [AWE]
Hanford Richland, WA, SEC dates: 1943-1983[DOE]
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA [DOE]
West Virginia
Huntington Pilot Plant, Huntington, WV [DOE]
A.O. Smith Corporation, Milwaukee, WI [BE]
Allis-Chalmers Co., West Allis, WI [AWE]
Besley-Wells, South Beloit, WI [AWE]
General Electric X-Ray Division, Milwaukee, WI [AWE]
LaCrosse Boiling Water Reactor, LaCrosse, WI [DOE]
Ladish Co., Cudahy, WI [BE]
Ore Buying Station at Crooks Gap, Crooks Gap, WY [DOE]
Ore Buying Station at Riverton, Riverton, WY [DOE]
Uranium Mill in Converse County (Spook Site), Converse County, WY [DOE]
Uranium Mill in Riverton, Riverton, WY [DOE]

Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) Claim Assistance

The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) was passed on Oct. 5, 1990 and was significantly expanded by the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act Amendments of 2000. The Radiation Exposure Compensation Program (RECP) was established by the Attorney General and began processing claims in April 1992.
Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) Claims Assistance
RECA: Uranium Workers
RECA: Onsite Participants
RECA: Downwinders
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Cancer, Veterans, AARP, RECA, and VA Benefits